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Like steering, it is also an important part of vehicle control system. Brakes are used for stopping a vehicle, as per driver need. Brakes are applied on the wheels, which stop wheel rotation of the vehicle. Thus a result the vehicle is standing at a position, but the engine is still running at idling.

Automobile Brake – Mechanical ,Disc ,Emergency ,Parking ,Hydraulic ,Self-energizing brake,Power brake,Air brakes,Anti-lock braking system,ABS and Brake assist.

The main functions of the brakes are.

  • To stop or slow down the vehicle, in shortest distance in case of emergency.
  • To control a vehicle, when the descending of a hill.


On the basis of use
  • Foot brake
  • Hand brake
On the basis of wheels
  • Two-wheel brakes
  • Four-wheel brakes
 On the basis of braking contact
  • Internal expanding brakes
  • External contracting brakes
 On the basis of applying the braking force
  • Single acting brakes
  • Double acting brakes
 On the basis of brake gear
  • Mechanical brakes
  • Power brakes
 On the basis of nature power employed
  • Vacuum brakes
  • Air brakes
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Hydrostatic brakes
  • Electric brakes
 On the basis of the power transmission
  • Direct acting brakes
  • Geared brakes
 On the basis of power unit
  • Cylinder brakes
  • Diaphragm brakes



Brakes Technology


Disc BrakesMechanical Brakes Parking and Emergency brakes Hydraulic BrakesSelf Energizing Brakes Power Brakes Anti Lock Braking System Brake Assist Electronic Brakeforce Distribution




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