24X7 Roadside Assistance in India


24X7 Car Roadside Assistance Service

24X7 Car Roadside assistance Service


24X7 Bike Roadside Assistance Service

Bike Roadside assistance

About 24X7 Roadside Assistance Service

24X7 Assistance is a service available round the clock in case your vehicle is rendered immobile due to electrical or mechanical breakdown. Vehicle breakdown can happen anywhere anytime with anyone. They are most called for when you are far away from home & your city municipal limits.By enrolling under 24X7 Roadside Assistance Program, help is always at hand; 24 hours a day; 365 days a year by contacting the Emergency Helpline wherever you are in the Republic of India, except islands.

How to get Service

If you have enrolled under this program and faced any kind of breakdown with your vehicle, you can get Roadside Assistance by calling on helpline number and providing the following information:
• Name
• Vehicle Registration Number
• Vehicle Model
• Breakdown Location
• An indication as to the nature of the problem and the service requested

Territorial limits for getting Service

The Territorial or Geographical scope of this program shall be within the radius of 50 kms in case of Motorbikes and 100 kms in case of cars from centre of the city covered by INDIA ASSISTANCE within the Republic of India. The scope of the services shall cover all enrolled customers in entire Republic of India, excluding J&K, North-Eastern states and islands. In case, you need assistance but you are not enrolled under the program then INDIA ASSISTANCE reserves the discretion to reject the service request.

Assistance shall be provided in all areas accessible by requisite service or recovery vehicles through a proper road, including parking lots, city streets, motorways, national, regional and local roads, as long as the location is not inaccessible to the assistance vehicles. This service shall be provided whenever the vehicle in question is immobilized and cannot be driven on its own power. However, this service shall not be provided to an immobilized vehicle if it is already at a workshop or a garage.

Service coverage to the eligible vehicles

THESE COVERAGES APPLY FROM KM 0. Understanding by KM 0 is that the client vehicle is covered from the moment client starts or tries to start the vehicle, thus the client is always covered. This service shall be provided only to immobilize Eligible Vehicles which have been covered under the program.

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