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24X7 Roadside Assistance Service Package

24X7 Roadside Assistance program can be purchased for Bikes. This program is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. The benefits and MRP for the package is as follows:

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The detailed description of Bike Roadside Assistance benefits offered above are as follows:

1. Assistance over phone: In the event of bike breakdown related calls, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall understand basic problem prior to offering solutions. Some minor, recurring issues such as “meaning of certain indications on dashboard” etc. can be resolved over the phone.

2. On site preliminary support: In the event of the immobilization of the Enrolled bike due to mechanical or electrical breakdown and as long as the said bike can be repaired at the place of the immobilization within a maximum time period of forty five minutes, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall proceed with the repair of the breakdown.

Under this service just minor repairs will be covered. Neither supply of parts or replacement elements, nor materials in general are included in this coverage.

3. Fuel Delivery: If the Enrolled bike runs out of fuel, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall arrange for delivery of up to 2 litres in case of 2-Wheelers. Cost of fuel has to be paid on the spot. This service is applicable within the territorial limits of 50kms. Quantity limit in this benefit is due to practical hazards of carrying fuel over long distances.

This service shall be activated only once the customer agrees to pay the fuel cost on spot to the service provider

4. Flat Tyre Support: If the Covered bike has a punctured or burst Tyre, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall support the customer in replacing it with a spare tyre available in vehicle or getting it repaired from nearest Tyre repair shop. The customer shall have to pay directly to the Tyre repair shop. INDIA ASSISTANCE shall not be responsible in any manner for quality or workmanship of such repairs.

In case both Tyres are punctured or there is no Tyre repair shop nearby INDIA ASSISTANCE shall tow the bike to the nearest workshop with the limits of 50kms in case of Motorcycle for towing distance.

5. Replacement Key: If keys of the Covered bike are lost or misplaced, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall arrange forwarding of duplicate set from customer’s place of residence. This service is applicable as per agreed coverage radius in Kilometers from customer’s registered address. To avoid misuse, this service shall be highly restricted and only provided on customer furnishing valid identification documents.

7. Battery Jumpstart: If the Covered bike does not start due to the battery being discharged, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall arrange to jumpstart the battery. Neither the supply of parts or replacement elements, nor materials in general are included in this service coverage.

8. Transfer/ Transportation of Covered Bike: In the event that Covered Bike is immobilized due to the Mechanical or Accidental breakdown and “On site” repair is not possible, INDIA ASSISTANCE shall arrange for transportation of the Covered motorcycle to the nearest workshop or garage within the limit mentioned in the benefit table from the breakdown location. These services shall be provided using equipment deemed most suitable by India Assistance.

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