Benelli 302R Expert Review

Benelli 302R Expert Review

Benelli 302R Expert Review - Check Advantages & Disadvantages

BN302 is a viable option for people who are looking for a bike which offers a value for money. The high level of competitiveness of BN302 is due to the fact that it comes from QianJiang, a new Chinese motorcycle group. The bike has been created keeping in mind the needs of buyers in the Asian market where price and durability are two major factors. The 300 CC engine is a parallel twin which has been obtained from BN600’s four-cylinder powerplant.

It has a 65 mm by 45.2 mm bore and stroke measurements and same 12:1 compression ratio. In the same manner, the valve stroke has remained unchanged with 25 mm intakes and 22 mm exhausts. They are set at 14.8 degrees and 14 degrees to the cylinder’s axis and have an included angled of 28.8 degrees. So the combustion chamber of BN302 is a bit less compact in profile than what is usually seen today.

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Benelli 302R Features

On the bottom end, Benelli 302 comes with a time-tested layout which includes a 360-degree crankshift which turns on three 32 mm main bearings. Rod bearings are 30mm in diameter and main journals and crank journals overlap 8.4 mm. A 360 degree parallel twin requires two balance shafts that counter imbalance in primary order which produces nasty vibrations.

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The bike comes with a one balancing shaft which can counter vertically vectored vibrations and allows hugely counterweighted crankshift which cancels horizontally vectored ones. It's 91.7 mm center rod produces a 2.02:1 ratio to the stroke which keeps the secondary imbalance in the bay and reduces piston side load and friction. The outcome is a flawless, vibration fee bike with little mechanical issues.

The engine is harnessed on a huge frame and this is a big bike for its displacement. The wheelbase spans 55.5 inches and is longer than most 600 cc sports bikes.

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Benelli 302R Specifications

Though it is conservative in its structural construction, the frame has a unique steering geometry and comes with 24.5 degrees of rake and 91.7 mm of the trail. Static weight distribution is correct at 51/49. The front suspension is done by an inverted 41 mm fork while the rear is managed by a cantilevered shock absorber. Wheel travel is 5.3 inches front and rear.

BN303 rolls on cast aluminum wheels that are shod with 120/70-17 and 140/70-17 tubeless radials on front and rear. Its braking system makes use of twin 260 mm rotors with four-piston calipers in front and a 240 mm rear motor which has a floating caliper. The engine’s personality along with exhaust note changes considerably at 7500 rpm. From there to 11000 rpm, speed builds quickly while moving up through the gears.

  • Starting Price - Rs 3,48,000
  • Mileage - 20 Kmpl
  • Engine - 300 cc
  • Max Power - 38.8 PS@ 11500 rpm
  • Max Torque - 26.5 Nm @10000 rpm


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Benelli 302R Advantages

  • The bike has a great design.
  • It has a rigid frame.
  • The bike offers the rider with a perfect wheel control.
  • It holds the line quite well through corners.

Benelli 302R Disadvantages

  • A buzzing sound through footpegs and handlebars occasionally which is faced by riders while driving.

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