Catch New Lamborghini Urus SUV Car

Catch New Lamborghini Urus SUV Car

Catch New Lamborghini Urus SUV Car 2017

SUVs have traditionally been synonymous with style, class and sophistication. With the demand for SUVs increasing with every passing day, every automaker is looking for ways to create vehicles which do not conform to conventions. This includes the Lamborghini which recently launched Urus, which is a follow-up of the famous classic LM002. Called the first Super Sports Utility Vehicle, Urus comes with an interesting range of features. Some of them are mentioned below for your reference:-

lamborghini Urus yellow


Lamborghini Urus exterior

Urus is a unique combination of Aventador and Huracan. Designed keeping in mind the new trends in automobile engineering, it has hexagonal shapes and sharp angles both at front and back. The car is equipped with 21 inches to 23-inch wheels and real working aero. It has a low-line coupe body style and short overhangs which are fused with a tall stance and greater ground clearance than what people are habituated to.

Lamborghini Urus headlight

According to experts, the car has been designed with the two-thirds body and one-third window ratio for the exterior. The same ratio is followed in case of sports cars. One of the first noticeable things which people will notice in this SUV is its geometric bumper and fascia elements that offer big, hexagonal intakes. The Naca cooling bits keep the brakes as chilly as possible. Below it is a front splitter element which forms an offset to different body-colored angles.

Lamborghini Urus side mirror

There are many Y-shaped intake dividers as in the case of LM 002. Slim front lights have been installed on fender lines and offer horizontal, Y-shaped housings which have five individual squared-off elements of LED lightings. Behind the headlights, there is a bulging hood line, which is similar to Miura and Aventador. Extra diagonal hood lines have been added to the car taking inspiration from Countach. The presence of a sharp rake to the windshield offers adds a glamorous touch to the vehicle.

Lamborghini Urus interior

Urus provides the timeless Raging Bull cues along with a driver-focused layout and lower seating position. The presence of a control scheme makes the driver feel as if he is flying an airplane. There are numerous geometric design elements and hard angles. Hexagons have been used on certain aspects such as airbag modules, air vents, door handles and cup holders.

Lamborghini Urus dashboard

The five seats meant for passengers have been created with sitters in the front. The DNA memory units provide a heating function as well as 12-way adjustability also. The presence of optional equipment such as 18-way electric luxury seats with massage function and ventilation ensures optimum comfort for passengers. The rear bench can be configured since it has movable and folding function and offers rear cargo space. When the bench is up, rear cargo room comes to 616 liters (21.8 cubic feet). When it is down, cargo room expands to 1.596 liters (56.4 cubic feet).

Lamborghini Urus specifications

The car has a top speed of 190 mph which makes it one of the quickest SUVs available in the Indian market. It has a twin-turbo, front-mounted, 4.0 liter V8 which produces 650 horsepower at 6000 rpm. The vehicle also produces 850 nm (627 pound-feet) of torque at 2250 rpm. It can perform a 0-100 km/h (62 mph) sprint in just 3.6 seconds and a 0-to 200 km/h (124 mph) in just 12.8 seconds.

Some other notable feature of Urus includes double overhead cams, new cylinder liner technology which reduces weight, an all-aluminum construction, variable valve timing and twin-scroll turbochargers which are set up in parallel position for less turbo lag and loads of low-end torque.

lamborghini Urus front view

There are twin exhaust pipes which blow out the spent gasses to optimize the power band with the cylinder firing arrangement. The presence of the cylinder deactivation feature also makes the car highly efficient.


The car has a downward slowing roofline like BMW X6 which keeps everything pinched around its rear wheel arch. The presence of an all-wheel-drive system with a locking center diff apart from an air suspension ensures that passengers have a comfortable ride. Safety and stability are ensured by a strong chassis, highly reliable safety shields and strong disk brakes.


There is no surety about the inner arrangement and comfort within the car.

Lamborghini Urus Images

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