Harley Davidson Roadster Expert Review

Harley Davidson Roadster Expert Review

Harley Davidson Roadster Expert Review - Check Advantages & Disadvantages

The new Roadster bike has agility, stoplight to stoplight power and garage-built custom style for shattering every mold. The fastback style of the bike and corner cranking torque make it a bike suitable for running on Indian roads. Roadster is a unique combination of low-end torque, garage-built custom style and agile handling. The bike’s performance package has been redefined with dual disc brakes, front forks, new dual gauge instrumentation with speedo and tach and inverted front forks.

Roadster is equipped with a chopped rear fender and a side mounted license plate for complement its famous tank. It has an aggressive yet comfortable riding position because of its new two-seat up, lowered bars, mid-mount controls and 19-inch front and 18-inch rear offset-split 5 spoke cast aluminum wheels.

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 Harley Davidson Roadster Features

 As a member of Dark Custom series of bikes, Roadster has a blackout treatment in complete effect right from split-spoke cast rims to engine, heat shields and shock springs which give a perfect finishing touch to the bike’s look. The bike comes with a new range of features such as a sportier suspension, special cast wheels and seat, model-specific tank graphics and finned timing covers.

The steering head is slightly at 28.9 degrees of rake and 5.5 inches of trail. The bike comes with 43 mm, a set of gas shocks with tri-rate, coil-over springs, screw-type preload adjustment on 3.2 inches of travel and usd forks with tri-rate springs that supports front on 4.5 inches of travel.

Harley Davidson Roadster seat

The 19-inch front and 18-inch rear tires push the seat to a height of 30.9 inches which leaves people with a ground clearance of 6 inches and a potential of more than 30 degrees of lean. All these features give the driver more suspension travel and lean angle than one can expect from a bike of Sportster model.

It's 300 mm front brake discs, with a third dual-piston binder located at the back. The dual 300 is far more than what is expected from a 568-pound machine. However the dual-piston and anvil calipers act help in avoiding overbraking.

Harley Davidson Roadster Exhaust Pipe

Harley Davidson Roadster Specifications

The bike’s 12.5-unit peanut tank on top of a blacked-out engine is based on the custom dark theme of Harley Davidson. The fuel capacity has shown considerable improvement over the 7.9-litre of Forty Eight like which it has a headlight. It however has a partially digital speedometer which can read speed, trip meters, clock and odometer. The only problem is that digital readout becomes quite hard to read under direct sunlight. The bike comes with good-looking split five-spoke cast wheels.

Roadster is equipped with a 1202 CC evolution motor. The bike has extra handling capabilities. The engine’s relaxed nature is a complete contrast to its sporty theme. Though it has a torque-rich engine, it still takes a considerable bit of shift to ensure that it is responsive and avoid piston-knocking. Its cavernous shaped saddle is quite useful when pulling hard offline. It holds the rider intact and ensures that he doesn’t slide backward. The seat’s padding adds a high level of comfort during long journeys.

  • Starting Price - Rs 9,85,000
  • Mileage - 17.4 Kmpl
  • Engine - 1,202 cc
  • Max Power - NA
  • Max Torque - 98 Nm @ 4000 rpm


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Harley Davidson Roadster Advantages

  • Presence of a strong engine.
  • The bike has superb looks.
  • It has a strong engine.

Harley Davidson Roadster Disadvantages

  • The bike doesn’t offer a high level of acceleration.
  • Its clutch is quite heavy to handle and therefore driving can be tough on roads with heavy traffic.

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