Suspension system provides stability and road shock prevention to the vehicle on the time of running. It consists of a spring and a damper. The vehicle frame and body are mounted on the front and rear axle through springs and shock absorbers. When the irregularities of the road creates damp shock to the frame and frame transfer those shocks to the suspension system. These systems absorb maximum amount of shock and prevent body of vehicle from the further transmission of the shocks. Types of suspension are springs, independent, Torque rod, stabilizer or anti-roll device, air and hydrolastic.



  • To provide safeguard the occupants from road shocks.
  • To provide best road holding while driving, cornering and braking.
  • To maintain proper steering geometry.
  • To prevent the road disturbance from being transmitted to the vehicle components.
  • To preserve the safety & stability of the vehicle in pitching or rolling, while in motion.



Independent Suspension        Torque Rod Suspension                                         Suspension Springs

Air Suspension                            Hydroplastic Suspension                         Stabilizer or Anti Roll Device Suspension