Transmission is a combination of mechanism that transmits the power from the engine crankshaft to the rear wheels of the vehicle. It is also being used very commonly in the literature for a mechanism that provides us with appropriate variation of the engine torque at the road wheels, whenever required. This may be a manual or an automatic gear box. 

Types of Transmission are Manual , Automatic, CVT (Continuous variable transmission), Paddle Shift, Tip Tronic gearbox and DSG (Direct shift gearbox). We also discuss about the gear Box Trouble Shooting in Vehicle are noise from the gear box, hard shifting of gear, locking of gear at one gear, gear clash at the time shifting, gear slipping and leakage of the gear box oil.


  • The main purpose of the transmission is to produce a mean to vary to leverage or torque ratio between the engine and the road wheel as per requirement of vehicle.
  • At the neutral position, engine and the road wheels are disconnected even with the clutch in the engaged position.
  • It also provides reversing the direction of the rotation of the drive. This is helping in reversing of the vehicle.


  • It provides a various speeds to the vehicle at variation in resistance (resistance due to wind, resistance due to gradient and rolling resistance).
  • It provides different tractive effort to the vehicle at various speeds.


  Types of Transmission                          Gear Box Trouble Shooting